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How to Calculate IGNOU Percentage Online?

Steps to calculate IGNOU percentage

IGNOU Percentage is calculated on the basis of Theory Examination and Assignment Marks obtained by candidate in each semester. In IGNOU Examination, 30% of weightage is given to Assignments and 70% weightage is for Term End Examination.

Candidates can collect further information about Formula to Calculate IGNOU Percentage or IGNOU Result Calculator

The students can easily calculate their IGNOU percentage by their own without any internet. Before that, the students have to know their correct theory and assignment marks for all subjects in the semester. IGNOU will issue the assignment and theory marks out of 100. The students need to convert their theory and assignment mark in to the percentage ration of 30:70. Here, we are providing the simple steps to explain about how to calculate IGNOU percentage. The interested students can go and look after the given points about IGNOU percentage calculation.

Listed below some tips

  • First, the students have to collect all subjects’ theory and assignment numbers .
  • After that, draw the table and fill the marks for each subject individually.
  • Then, convert the theory mark in to 70% and assignment mark in to 30 %.
  • add 70% of theory marks of the programme and 30% of assignment marks to get the aggregation.
  • Now, add the entire total to get grand total of the subjects.
  • Here, divide the grand total by total number of subjects in the semester
  • Within the minute, IGNOU percentage will be calculated.

Grades System For Percentage:

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