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The major problem faced by the MBA perusing students in Indira Gandhi National Open University is how to make the IGNOU MBA project MS 100. The problem enlarges even more with those MBA students who are working professionals. The restlessness to complete their assignments alongside their professional and personal life is immense. They do no have adequate time to go through books and online sites amidst their daily go-to schedule which makes it difficult for them to cope up with their IGNOU MBA assignment. The scenario with the students who are nor employed professionally is also the similar. They tend to hang things unfinished and then face a situation of restlessness when the IGNOU MBA project has to be submitted. Also, in the situation of restlessness, the students often forget some important guidelines for making the project.

Types of IGNOU MBA projects-;

The IGNOU MBA projects are categorized into two types according to the area of your specialization in MBA.

  1. Comprehensive case study– This type of project covers single organization, multi-functional area problem, analysis, formulation and recommendation.
  2. Inter organizational study– This type of project covers single targeted, inter organizational topics. It includes survey of management practices along with the validation of the theories.

Format of the project

The format of the project should be as follows-

  • Title of your project.
  • A vivid introduction of the topic chose.
  • Reason of the study.
  • Importance of the research.
  • Scope of the research on the topic.
  • Statement of the topic.
  • Objectives.
  • Hypothesis of the topic.
  • Your adopted research methodology.
  • Limitations in your research.
  • References.

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How to write the IGNOU MBA project?

Given below are points on how to make an IGNOU MBA project-

  1. The foremost thing in making the IGNOU MBA project is to choose the type of project you want to make and a suitable topic for your project.
  2. After selecting your topic, sticking your report to the word limit (18000 words) is the next thing you should focus on. There is a leniency of 10% + or – from the IGNOU board.
  3.  Stick to the format of the project. Make sure to add all the important topics; viz, importance, scope, statement, objectives, hypothesis, research methodology, limitations and reference to your project report.
  4. The research methodology will differ according to the type of project you have taken in consideration.
  5. Make sure you have an impactful introduction and conclusion to your project. Also validate all the rules given in the guidelines.

Synopsis and Report

Synopsis- The synopsis should contain the objectives of the project and its aim. It should have a detailed study of the instruments used, rationale and sampling. It should contain an approval page,

Report- Each project report should contain detailed analysis of the adopted research strategy and the scope of future analysis of the selected topic. IGNOU project report of dissertation should contain 70-80 pages. The pages should be double spaced and the maximum word limit id 18,000 words. The report should begin with a cover page, accompanied by approval page, CV of guide, an approved synopsis, Certificate of originality and an index of report.

Physical Features of the Project

Each project should have all the below mentioned physical features-

  1. Your document should be submitted in original A4 size (29*20cm) doc.
  2. Your document should have the approved Project Proposal Performa and original approval synopsis.
  3. It should contain a certificate of originality signed by both the student and the professor.
  4. Precisely mention the Project Report MP to help in being sorted out.
  5.  Never forget to make two copies of the project. Out of which one you will submit and the other will be kept to yourself.
  6. Properly mention MS-100 along with the address to the Co-Ordinator (Projects) (School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidan, Garhi, New Delhi- 110068) on the envelope.

Given below is some information related to the IGNOU MBA project-

  • Prior than making this project, you have to register in MS-1 to MS-11, then only you have the eligibility to prepare IGNOU MBA Project MS 100 Synopsis.
  • It is a compulsion to complete the IGNOU MBA project in IGNOU’s MBA course in order get a MBA degree in IGNOU.
  • The IGNOU MBA MS 100 project carries a lot of weightage. It is equal to 2 paper/credits.
  • Once the student pursuing MBA from IGNOU has submitted the IGNOU MBA project, a PR number is allotted which is given to the student. The student can use that PR number to communicate his/her problems to the SR and E department.

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