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How to make IGNOU MCA final year project?

IGNOU MCA final year project

Masters in computer application is a maters programme that is served by the Indira Gandhi National Open University. It lays equal emphasis on theoretical as well as project work. The project work in masters in computer applications should be carried forward with immense care and should be executed without virtuality by the students. This project work is not only a fulfilment of prerequisites, but also amends and sharpens your skills, specialization, and capacities. The main aim of this project is to execute software development. Any configuration that includes LAN/WAN or physical establishments or study of systems or hypothetical projects that are devoid of software development are strictly prohibited.


The eligibility criteria for IGNOU Project Guide for MCA are given below:

  • A person who has a computer science degree in Ph.D. and MTech along with a minimum experience of one year can apply for this course.
  • A person is eligible for this degree if he/ she has a bachelor’s degree in technology or engineering in the field of computer science and a Masters degree in computer applications or computer science with a minimum of 2-year experience mostly preferred in software development.
  • At any point, if the student makes a violation of project guidelines, the project will be rejected at any point.
  • It should be made sure that at any point, a guide should not provide guidance to more that 5 students at a time.


The methodology that should be used before conducting a research is mentioned below-

  • The foremost thing before conducting a researching is to sort the type of information that is collected and needed for the methodology.
  • Furthermore, you should collect all the tools of information, example interviews and questionnaires.
  • The bibliography and sources to be used should be mentioned at the end.
  • Fieldwork is another important methodology.
  • The important decision to make is also regarding the attachments with some associations.
  • Making a schedule regarding the time and period of the study is another point.
  • Classify and analyze your information and estimate the entire cost to invest in the project.


The main aim of the objectives is to provide an agenda to the students and to make them develop the ability to apply for practical and theoretical techniques in real life. The objectives of IGNOU Masters in computer application are listed below:

  • Evaluate the definition of a problem.
  • Complete the definition of a problem.
  • Description of the SDLC (Systems Development life cycle)
  • Determination of the collection of information to determine requirements.
  • Construction and evaluation of the data flow diagrams.

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Steps involved in the project work:

It is the duty of the student to complete the project as it is meant to be. Listed below are some important steps that can assist you in determining the achievements and regulating the scheduling of the project:

  • The most important point is to select a topic and find a suitable guide for the project.
  • Prepare a proper project proposal after consulting the project guide for the appropriate format.
  • After you have completed the proposal and the project, submit it along with the necessary documents to the regional director of your concerned regional center.
  • Make a copy of the receipt of the project approval you got from the regional director and keep it with you.
  • Carry out you project according to the rules and regulations given in the guide.
  • Prepare the project report with utmost attention.
  • Submit the project report along with the other documents to the regional director of your concerned regional center.
  • Do not miss the viva-voce as per the instructions of the regional director.

To-do things for the project:

While making and submitting the project, the students should remember the following points-


  • Find an appropriate title for your project.
  • Introduce the topic and list its objectives.
  • Decide the category of your project.
  • Determine the tools, platform, hardware and software devices for your project.
  • Plan your project and schedule it accordingly.
  • Find the scope of your selected arrangement.
  • Analyze the data.
  • Finish your database and make detailed tables with primary and foreign keys.
  • Make the data structures according to the ventures.
  • Number the modules and give their description.
  • Make sure to process the logic of every module and program.
  • Find an appropriate implementation procedure.
  • Make a list of the reports that you are going to produce through the modules.
  • Overall design your system.
  • Implement the security components at different dimensions.
  • Mention the future upgrades and extensions of the undertaking.
  • End your project with a bibliography.


  • Make sure that the proposal, report and synopsis are duly signed by both the supervising examiner of your regional district and by your own self.
  • Your project should abide with all the rules and regulations given in the guide. Refrain from breaking any rule.
  • Please ensure to prepare the bio-data of your project, with the signature of your project guide. Also attach the identity proof certificate or document along with it.
  • Send your project through a self-addressed envelope with an appropriate stamp. Also make sure to send it by ordinary post only.


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  • Type systems and applications to safety.
  • Spatial and temporal database (queries for retrieving data)
  • Adaptive distributed event model.
  • Improving TCP performance in adhoc networks.
  • Model checking for protocol verification.
  • Type systems and it’s application to safe and efficient code.
  • Exact functional context matching for web services.
  • A new methodology for representation of TCP performance in TCPSF.
  • Adaptive event based middleware architecture.
  • Intelligent agents.
  • Optimizing pattern matching algorithm in intrusion detection.
  • Information retrieval from textual corpus.
  • Direction queries in spatio-temporal databases.
  • Secure routing.
  • Audio processing of movies.
  • Secure Conferencing System
  • Web based Linux Administration
  • Wireless Search Engine
  • Hostel Election Software
  • Performance Enhancement of HTTP using improved TCP Functionalities
  • Adding Functionalities to Libpcap
  • Performance Evaluation of an Efficient Multicast Routing Protocol
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  • Development of an OS Framework for a MIPS Simulator
  • Development of an OS Framework for a MIPS Simulator
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  • Image Viewer and Editor
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  • Matrix Calculator
  • Media Player Classic
  • Program with d array and logic to solve rubric cube.
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  • An XML interface to the Java Object Library Toolkit (JOLT) Spreadsheet
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  • Leave Application Management System
  • Movie Rental Systems
  • Online Banking System
  • Online Hospital Management
  • Online Movie Ticket Reservation System
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  • Reservation Systems
  • To output the timing schedule

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